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The Israeli Agri School

CIMG5311-225x300Israeli Agri School provides the training and skill sets needed to incorporate competences, including but not limited, to the management of water resources and livestock resources. In addition, it provides training in crop production and distribution, as well as desertification issues. These topics are discussed including their possibilities and impacts in ongoing work initiatives and business while offering knowledge that can be used in training staff and workforce within the agricultural community.

On Farm training and know-how

pic_homeOur consultants visit the customers at their own farms to train and monitor their individual progress. These programs are literally tailored to yourspecific needs and requirments. We supply group training in modern growing methods and new agricultural technologies.

Selecting the best suitable Israeli products and partners for you

pic2_homeWe will find the most suitable Israeli products and supplier for you. Our experience with varied suppliers enables us to efficiently find the product you seek. If requested, we will attend and follow the registration procedure

News & Update

Hospital Workshop

The management of Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, Nairobi Kenya participated in Workshop seminar, taken place in one of the big hospitals in Israel. The seminar was successfully organized by Lotem Seminars.


In Hospital Workshop

Seminar was successfully hold during 2013 At Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, Nairobi Kenya


Lotem Seminars in Hospital Workshop

We definitely recommend other visitors with special interest into agriculture to cooperate with Lotem Seminars. If you have got the opportunity you should also spent some time exploring cultural aspects of Israel during your visit.”

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