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Lotem Seminars was established in 1999 by Mr. Ofier Langer who has an experience of 30 years in international sales and marketing. Mr. Langer worked in TEVA Pharmaceuticals as a Senior International Marketing Manager, represented leading biotechnology firm such as Bio-Technology General Ltd. and served as the Vice President of a leading dairy herd management company.

Lotem Seminars provides the training and skillsets needed to incorporate competencies including health management, water and livestock resources. In addition, it provides training in crop production and distribution. Our expert team has experience in a variety of agricultural and medical fields and draws upon cutting edge technology processes to offer advance efficiency and productivity in various industries.
Lotem Seminars also has a wealth of experience in conducting projects regarding a wide range of advanced technology for farming solutions in agriculture, as well as new technology and biotechnology solutions in the medical and pharmaceutical field. Lotem Pharma works on the leading edge of advances in academic research and their practical application in the commercial world.

Lotem Seminars has set its objectives on representing its customers in global markets and for the last few years, has served selected markets as a trusted international source of knowledge and training.
Specialities: Hospital accreditation, Health management, Agricultural, Water and irrigation, Dairy, Business development, International projects

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