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Antibiotic Free Poultry Seminar

Keeping animals healthy benefits the customers.
Antibiotic Free poultry products can be sold on 10%- 20% higher price than the regular products. Cost of production according to our calculation is about 3%-6% more than the common method.
Our experts have twenty years of immense experience of continuous producing of antibiotic free poultry.

dreamstime_xl_51717131Our team are pioneers in the marketing of poultry probiotic and phytobiotic feed additives in Israel. The professional knowledge accumulated over an extended period of time has made it possible to develop – for the very first time – the concept of rearing broilers “medication-free“. The Israeli brand: “medication-free broilers” is produced and supervised by our team.

Using an advanced technology, microbiology, alternative medicine approach, natural food additives etc,
we can help finding variable answers to the rapidly-growing concern of pathogens resistance to antibiotics,
while improving poultry products meeting high quality demands.

Antibiotic Free poultry seminar targets are:

  • Constantly improve the meat quality
  • Lower the fat percentage
  • Improve the feed conversion
  • Reduce mortality rate
  • Guarantee a rapid return of investment.
  • Increase the breeders‘ performance

Our methods are practically implemented in Israel for many years with success.

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