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Combine lectures from the Israeli experts in their fields and explore the and holy places in Israel

If you need complementary professional training for your team we can help you!
If you represent a private or public company or any other organization, we have the perfect solution for you!
We offer tailor-made seminars and professional trainings according to the customer’s needs, which combine lectures from the experts in their fields in Israel and exploring the most touristic and holy places in Israel.
We have many years of accumulated experience, resulting in successful activity.
We cover wide topics like: Health Management, Public Administration, National Security, Environmental Management, Small & Medium Business Development, Agriculture, Port Management and more.

The activities are carried out in several languages, mainly (but not limited to) English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic.

For more information about the Israeli Dairy school please visit

Dairy Farm Seminar Get the best from the Israeli Dairy excperiance


Today, the dairy farm industry in Israel is making great advancement offering matchless business development opportunities to the people related to the dairy industry. Lotem seminars are here to provide you the most essential information to stand steady in the dairy farm industry. These seminars are designed to educate the partakers in current developments in dairy farming and administration and highly developed concepts of present technologies assisting in dairy herd management. Techniques and outlines for dairy initiatives, processing and marketing related facts for dairy products are discussed extensively. The training facilitate the participants with the knowledge to recognize, establish and describe different components involved in the supply chain connecting producers to consumers, contribution of each link in the end product and service offered to the consumers.


  • Israeli Cattle Industry – An overview
  • Management of a Dairy Herd: Economical Aspects
  • High Yield Production under Hot Climate Conditions Health and Prevention of Diseases
  • Automated Project Management
  • Small-scale Dairy Production
  • Collaboration in Dairy Production
  • Beef Production: Open Pasture
  • Breeding and Fertility Management
  • Feeding Principles
  • Management of Dairy Cattle Nutrition
  • Milking, Milk Quality and Udder Health
  • Project Design and Project Plan
  • Project Management & Budgeting


  • Family Dairy – Small Scale Dairy Processing
  • Joint Dairy farm
  • Software Manufacturer for Dairy Farm Management
  • Small Scale Cheese Factory
  • Open Paddock and Overfeed
  • Cattle-Raising in Open Meadows
  • Feed Mill and Feed Technologies
  • Study Center for Dairies
  • The Israeli Cattle Association


As far as feed cost for dairy cattle herd is concerned, nearly 50-60% of entire cost is allied with milk production. Dairy cattle nutrition program can be helpful in improving fertility and health of dry and milking cows. In addition to this, milk production can be increased.

Dairy feeding management, feeding and dairy cow nutrition and cow health are the aspects which we focus on.

By getting in touch with professional experts, we are taking best initiative to establish new Dairy Nutrition Course.


Dairy industry is a leading sector in Israel agriculture. Average milk production per cow has increased dramatically since the 1950s’ from 4,000 kg annually to more than 12, 000 kg of milk in 2010. Fat and protein percentage increased as well. The Israeli Veterinaries successfully deal with herd health issues, prevention and control of infectious and production diseases. Cow welfare is very important issue in Israel. The seminar is held in the cooperation with the leading veterinary organization in Israel.

17Nov 15

Growing up in a Dairy Farm

Working on a large dairy farm is much like working in any corporate setting. You may be outside, you may be working with animals, but when push comes to shove…

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