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Dr. Noga Langer is a Dr.Sc graduate of the prestigious Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, in the Medical Research Faculty.
Dr. Langer’s career combined both academic and commercial biotechnology R&D.
A former lecturer at the Ort Braude College, Faculty of Biotechnology.
Dr. Langer spent four years as the first senior scientist in the commercial biotechnology start-up company “Biogenics” and was part of the team responsible for the development of the genetically engineered product (restoring and maintaining of missing body proteins).
Dr. Langer was also involved in the development of a biological cancer screening method which does not require any form of X-Ray/MRI/CAT scan in “TransScan” company. At “BioShaf” company, she served as product development manager for fertility diagnostic method, along with hospital clinical trials and associated analysis.
Dr. Langer has published papers in prestigious international medical journals and has presented findings at various international professional conferences abroad.

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