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Mr. Ofier Langer is Managing Director of Lotem Seminars. Ofier Langer formerly worked with TEVA Pharmaceuticals for 15 years as a Senior International Marketing Manager. The international medicinal market is highly competitive and requires exacting documentation at all stages of import/export. Mr. Langers’ years of valuable international experience have helped open the doors to financial opportunities in Thailand for many Israeli companies. Since 1992 he has been working in the Asian markets, bringing a wide variety of import deals to successful completion. Lotem Seminars, under the direction of Mr. Langer, represented leading biotechnology firms of Israel such as Bio-Technology General Ltd. Lotem Seminars works on the leading edge of advances in academic research and their practical application in the commercial world. During the years 2005-2010 Mr. Langer served as the Vice President of a leading dairy herd management company .

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